It's time to make a change in Africa

One solid connection can make all the difference to the success of any investment in Africa. Let Konnect2Africa help you make that connection today,

Upcoming Events

Gender Equality in a New Inclusive African Economy

The first in a series of think tank conferences representing one of the emerging tools to address the gender gap in technology, private equity and STEM. 

Rejuvenating Agriculture in Nigeria

Nigeria has a large industrial and agricultural potential. Discover the opportunities for foreign investment from senior level executives operating within the sector. 

Pioneering stem in africa

Africa needs a robust strategic plan on STEM policies, and a clear framework for implementing them. Participate in a discussion of how to encourage more investment in R&D, Technology, Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.

previous events

Insurance Penetration West AFrica 2015

IPWA 2015 summit connected the global insurance world to West Africa. Supported by GIZ, Micro Insurance Network and BlueOrchard Finance SA,the IPWA 2015 covered important aspects of tapping into the growing West African insurance market opportunities.

Pioneering Stem in AFrica 2015

PSIA 2015 addressed key topics in advancing STEM and technical education in Africa through the collaboration of industry, educators and policy makers. The event provided a good platform for delegates to network, and challenge the esteemed panel industry leaders in STEM.

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